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Quality Seismic offer tailored solutions for the processing of your seismic data and for the merging of well and seismic data,
including well ties, AVO (Amplitude Vs Offset) studies
and seismic inversion work.

Seismic Processing

Processing of all types of projects up to 1000 sq.kms 3D surveys, both onshore and offshore datasets.

Field Processing

On-site field processing to confirm acquisition parameters and quality of data for 2D and 3D projects.

AVO and Inversion

Well-ties, production of synthetics, AVO modelling and seismic inversion plus reservoir attributes.

Attention to detail and close working relationship with client explorationists, are the key components behind the dedicated service given by Quality Seismic. Over 35 years of experience can be brought to bear to produce good results from the most difficult of datasets.


For the main processing work, Quality Seismic use Globe Claritas software from GNS Sciences which is a full 2D/3D package containing all the modules needed for a successful processing project. Other software packages that are used by Quality Seismic are Insight from DownUnder GeoSolutions for viewing of volumes, attribute displays and well-ties, and Strata and AVO from Hampson-Russell for inversion and AVO work.

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