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Seismic Processing


Quality Seismic bring to your projects a broad knowledge of processing of all types of 2D, 3D, land, marine and transition zone seismic data. In particular, extensive experience of merging of different sources and receiver types, and working in difficult static regions. Capabilities include the latest PSTM / PSDM tools and specialist demultiple modules, such as SRME and SWD.


In summary, Quality Seismic has the capability to process the most challenging of datasets and to take the care necessary to produce optimum results, to really 'Get the best out of the data'


AVO and Inversion


AVO and inversion studies incorporating well and seismic information are undertaken using Hampson-Russell AVO / Strata software.
In addition to detailed small-scale studies, reconnaissance AVO products, such as intercept, gradient, and various X-products, such as fluid factor, can be produced.


Field Processing


Quality Seismic use a portable Claritas processing system available with 4tb disk and 64gb RAM for field processing work.
Processing and interpretation of in-field start-up tests for land 2D and 3D surveys can also be done.

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